Ultrasound Probe Repair Services

Does your Ultrasound Probe / Transducer is in need of Repair ? Not Sure on whether your Defective Ultrasound Probe needs to be Repaired or Replaced ?

Ultrasound Probe Repair

Don't let a broken / damaged Ultrasound Transducer slow down the operations !!!! We have repaired around 3500+ probes. From our 10 years of experience, we found that around 25% - 30% of Probes seeks some form of attention.

In case of looking for any ultrasound probe repair services within India, you can reach us at +91-8939879423.

Ultrasound Probe Repair Services and Offerings 


97% Repair Yield Rate


Quick Turnaround time ( 2-3 days)


Transparency in probe repair estimate cost before Probe Acceptance


90 days of Warranty


Technical Expertise


Lowest Repair Cost in India


                                  Ultrasound Probe Repair Services

 Membrane Replacement       Strain Relief Replacement
 Cable Sheath Repair , Replacement
      Probe cable Replacement
 Electronic MUX replacement       Transducer [Crystal] replacement
 Locking system       Transducer housing repair & replacement 
 Machine end Connector repair & refurbishment       Transducer & Connector end cable repair

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