Terms & Conditions

We sell according to the terms and conditions specified below which are confirmed by the customer at the date of the order. Other terms and conditions not mentioned valid only if there is a written confirmation by Biometric Cables prior to the order.
Acceptance of orders shall be subject to such pricing as mutually agreed. All prices are based on the valid price list provided by Biometric Cables (latest version) Please check price list before ordering. Biometric Cables (BMC) reserve the right to change the price at any time without prior notice.
Our quotations/proforma invoices/Invoice Copy is  based on the valid price list unless there is no other written agreement between the customer and Biometric Cables. The customer is responsible to check all information issued on the quotation/proforma invoice/Invoice Copy provided by Biometric cables carefully and in case of any discrepancies about your data to inform us immediately in order to change and/or correct the quotation/proforma invoice/ Invoice Copy.
The price includes packaging not include freight and insurance.
The exchange rate is based on the respective average interbank exchange rate on the day of the Invoice/ pro forma invoice.
For Bulk Orders more than 1,00,000 INR You can write to us directly to customercare@biometriccables.com
Partial shipments are allowed. If a customer requires urgent deliveries that are not covered by the regular delivery time of the product and mentioned in the price list the customer shall carry the freight costs for the partial delivery. In case there is a delay caused by Biometric Cables, we will cover the freight costs for the partial delivery. In case of unforeseeable circumstances or acts of God Biometric Cables cannot be held responsible by the customer. However Biometric Cables has to inform the customer immediately if such a case occurs. The delivery time mentioned in the price list and invoice starts from the day when the money is available in full on Biometric Cables accounts. Time of transport is not included.
Quality complaints have to be announced through email to ccs@biometriccables.com or telephone +914422500953  118. Biometric Cables reserves the right either to repair or to exchange the product. In case a complaint is justified within the warranty period Biometric Cables carries the freight costs to the customer after repair/exchange/inspection. After the warranty period the customer pays the freight costs from and to Biometric Cables. In case the quality complaint is not justified during  the warranty period the customer shall cover all transportation costs to and from Biometric Cables. 

All quality complaints must be in writing and should indicate the part number and serial number, which is mentioned on the product. A complaint is not covered by the warranty for installations, defects resulting from accidents, damage while in transit to our service location, damage resulting from alterations, misuse or abuse, lack of proper maintenance, unauthorized repair or modification as well as affixing of any label, fire, flood, or acts of God, or other failure to follow the instructions for use and safety guidelines. Quality complaints should indicate in writing to Biometric Cables a detailed failure report prior before shipping the goods to Biometric Cables. This failure report should be sent along with the goods. Biometric Cables reserves the right to reject products sent back to Biometric Cables without such failure report.
Before sending already used medical products for Biometric Cables the customer should clean the product thoroughly. Employees of Biometric Cables have the right to reject dirty or contaminated products sent back to the customer.
In case customer wants to return products to Biometric Cables there will be a stocking fee of 50 of the net sales value. Biometric Cables however accepts only those products which are new, in original packaging, not used by the customer and are standard items according to valid Biometric Cables price lists.